"If there are to be problems, may they come during my life-time so that I can resolve them and give my children the chance of a good life."

Kenyan proverb

"Then I say the Earth belongs to each generation during its course, fully and in its right no generation can contract debts greater than may be paid during the course of its existence"

Thomas Jefferson, September 6, 1789

"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete."

Buckminster Fuller, philosopher, futurist and global thinker (1895 - 1983)




Note! This is a preliminary list of currently accepted abstracts. When the submissions are closed, the schedule will be created and posted also on this page.

  • SDEWES2020-0396 Towards a climate-neutral energy supply - pathways for the German energy transition and implications for global developments
Hydrogen Energy Vectors for Storage and Power
  • SDEWES2020-0028 Carbon footprint of 1 kWh electric energy produced using hydrogen as fuel in a combined cycle in Italy
  • SDEWES2020-0032 Prediction of Novel Humified Gas Turbine Cycle Parameters for Ammonia/Hydrogen Fuels
Managing the FEW-Nexus in the Anthropocene
  • SDEWES2020-0003 Water-Energy Nexus – Solar thermal energy plants in light of socioeconomic water demand developments
  • SDEWES2020-0015 Energy, Carbon and Water Content Analysis of Brazilian International Trade
  • SDEWES2020-0012 How value conflicts can prevent sustainable development in the water-energy-food nexus sectors in Germany
  • SDEWES2020-0066 Long-term Capacity Expansion Pathways with Large-scale Power-to-Methane and Electromobility: An Energy System Modeling Approach
  • SDEWES2020-0009 THE FOOD-ENERGY(CARBON)-WATER-NEXUS IN GERMANY – the impact of a global public good
10 years ahead of the SDG7: How to achieve universal electrification by 2030?
  • SDEWES2020-0287 A household-based policy framework to tackle the challenges of improving electricity access in Least Developed Countries (LDCs)
  • SDEWES2020-0328 Electric-rickshaw charging stations as distributed energy storage: An option for integrating intermittent renewable sources in local grids in semi-urban and rural areas in developing countries
  • SDEWES2020-0266 Interactive multicriteria optimizer for designing microgrid wind-PV electrification systems considering managements constraints
  • SDEWES2020-0262 Investigation of Rural Off-Grid PV System with Electric-Mobility Solutions Using MATLAB / Simulink CARNOT TOOLBOX
  • SDEWES2020-0332 Development of Rural Communities in Sub-Saharan Africa through Decentralized Energy-Water-Food Systems
  • SDEWES2020-0163 A Systematic Ex-post Evaluation of Small-scale Energy Projects in the Global South
Harnessing the resource potential of our seas in a sustainable manner
  • SDEWES2020-0234 Analysis of water environment on the production of floating photovoltaic plants
Renewable energies, innovative HVAC systems and envelope technologies for the energy efficiency of buildings
  • SDEWES2020-0275 Design and Creation of an Energy Efficient Prefabricated Housing Unit in Cyprus
  • SDEWES2020-0265 Long-term thermochemical heat storage for household applications: not such a good idea?
  • SDEWES2020-0365 Experimental Investigation of a Building Envelope-Integrated, Transparent Concentrating Photovoltaic and Thermal Collector
  • SDEWES2020-0232 Effect of renewable energy integration in the hourly energy balance of a nZEB in Mediterranean climate during the wintertime
  • SDEWES2020-0233 Consumer’s Willingness towards Net Zero Energy Settlements and Pre-Occupancy Evaluation of Building Energy Performance in a Real Case Study in Italy
  • SDEWES2020-0381 Analysing the Future Performance of Italian Residential Buildings: a Study of Climate Change Impacts
  • SDEWES2020-0277 An Experimental Set-Up for Testing a Solar PV/Th System for DHW Production in Residential Applications
  • SDEWES2020-0312 Optimising the thickness of the water layer in a triangle solar thermal collector
  • SDEWES2020-0291 An Automatic Fault Detection System for Photovoltaic Modules using Artificial Intelligence
  • SDEWES2020-0230 Coupling H2 fuel cells and heat pumps for tertiary-sector decarbonization from a whole-system perspective
  • SDEWES2020-0261 A dynamic model of a solar driven trigeneration system based on micro-ORC and adsorption chiller prototypes
  • SDEWES2020-0298 The Influence of the Spectral Distribution of Solar Radiation on the performance of a Dish-Stirling Solar Concentrator to devise a Reasoned Incentive Scheme.
  • SDEWES2020-0238 Energy modelling of buildings at urban level: the case study of the district of Padua University
  • SDEWES2020-0229 Techno-economic Assessment of Novel Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems: Integration Options for the Egyptian Tourism Sector
  • SDEWES2020-0036 Building Integration of a PV/T system in an Energy Efficient Prefabricated Housing Unit: Active and Passive Behavior and a Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • SDEWES2020-0038 Assessment of the performances of a PV/T plant integrated on a building façade
  • SDEWES2020-0235 A novel building ventilated façade with integrated bifacial photovoltaic modules: analysis of the electrical and thermal performances
  • SDEWES2020-0131 Climate Change Impacts on Residential Heating and Cooling Energy Demand in the Centre of Portugal
Recent advances in renewable energy systems
  • SDEWES2020-0244 Renewable energy technologies for future, sustainable development and environment
  • SDEWES2020-0358 Technical and Economic Analysis of Energy Export Alternatives from North Africa to Europe
  • SDEWES2020-0252 Life Cycle Assessment of a novel concept of a biomass -based gasification system for methane production (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0279 Optimal design of heating, cooling and power networks deriving from the insertion of micro-cogeneration units in densely populated areas: An Italian case study
  • SDEWES2020-0242 Influence of time-dependent power grid efficiency on a solar-assisted heat pump system
  • SDEWES2020-0254 Glycerol Dehydration to Acrolein over Supported Vandyl Orthophosphate Catalysts.
  • SDEWES2020-0251 Feasibility of an Integrated Biomass-based CLC Combustion and Renewable-energy-based Methanol Production System
  • SDEWES2020-0253 A Novel Approach to Methane Production: Integration of Solar Hydrogen and Chemical Looping Gasification (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0020 Integration of smart grid concept and photovoltaic energy
  • SDEWES2020-0022 Dynamic simulation of an anaerobic digestion process coupled with concentrating photovoltaic and thermal collectors
  • SDEWES2020-0023 A novel approach for the evaluation of energy and economic saving of heat metering: thermoeconomic optimization and dynamic simulation
  • SDEWES2020-0128 A fully renewable energy scenario for island systems: a case study for Sardinia
Transition Processes towards Sustainable Energy, Water and Environment Systems: The Graduate Institute of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW)
  • SDEWES2020-0272 A Simultanious Approach for Multi-Period Synthesis of Heat Exchanger Networks and Utility Systems including Thermal Energy Storages and Selected Technologies for Waste Heat Utilization
  • SDEWES2020-0363 Solar energy production scenarios in Algeria coupled with hydrogen energy storage
  • SDEWES2020-0282 A Metal Hydride System for a Forklift: Feasibility Study on Portable Chemical Storage of Hydrogen Using Numerical Simulation
  • SDEWES2020-0280 Conception and validation of a charging control algorithm for sector coupling in future distribution grids
  • SDEWES2020-0267 Heating, Ventilation, Domestic Appliances - an Integrated System Concept for the Household of the Future
  • SDEWES2020-0245 Lignins from Low-Input Crops: Biomass Origin Assignment via Chemometric Data Analysis
  • SDEWES2020-0359 Approaches to Sustainable Electricity Production Through Renewable Energies Taking Into Account the Energy-Water Nexus
Environmental safety of bio-waste in the circular economy – potential for energy and matter recovery
  • SDEWES2020-0241 The possibilities of utilizing the automatic composters for processing waste from the production of beverages
  • SDEWES2020-0240 Pesticide cycles in the environment determined by the combustion of biomass
  • SDEWES2020-0239 Environmental risks from the combustion of paper briquettes in the local boilers
No session defined
Track: Sustainable resilience of systems
Subtrack: resilience of environmental systems
  • SDEWES2020-0152 Sustainability assessment of water coast systems through bird monitoring, water quality, and social indicators. Case Study: Juan Angola Channel - Cartagena, Colombia.
Subtrack: resilience of energy systems
  • SDEWES2020-0325 Threats to sustainability: a case study of micro-hydropower in Nepal
  • SDEWES2020-0326 Real-World Experiment of an Island Operation of a Medium-Voltage Utility Grid with a Large Battery as an Emergency Option
Subtrack: resilience of engineering systems
  • SDEWES2020-0255 Integrated approach of Safety, Sustainability, Reliability, and Resilience Analysis via a Return on Investment Metric: a compressor system case study
Subtrack: resilience of social systems
  • SDEWES2020-0215 Responsible innovation in support of societal resilience – a new conceptual framework
Track: Green economy and better governance
Subtrack: sustainability economics
Subtrack: environmental economics
  • SDEWES2020-0180 Assessing Socioeconomic Impacts of Reduced Water Availability. Hydro-economic and Input-Output Modelling
Subtrack: models and tools
  • SDEWES2020-0083 Economic Assessment Tools for CO2 Utilization Technologies: a Quantitative Review (poster)
Subtrack: jobs and regional development
  • SDEWES2020-0031 Building Sustainably: The project manager’s contribution in delivering sustainable projects. A Maltese and International Perspective
Subtrack: resource efficiency
  • SDEWES2020-0155 African Energy Resources and Governance
Subtrack: low carbon development/economy
  • SDEWES2020-0224 Cycloaddition of carbon dioxide to cyclic carbonate catalyzed by silica xerogel functionalized with imidazolium-based ionic liquids.
  • SDEWES2020-0226 Dehydrating agents effect on the synthesis of dimethyl carbonate (DMC) directly from methanol and carbon dioxide (poster)
Subtrack: circular economy
  • SDEWES2020-0050 Introducing a De-growth Factor to the Circular Economy Policies of Food Production and FLW Management: Towards a Spiral Bioeconomy (poster)
Track: Social acceptance
Subtrack: energy poverty
  • SDEWES2020-0151 Estimating energy poverty impacts of the clean energy transition – Linking EU statistics to models
Subtrack: gender issues
  • SDEWES2020-0166 Gender, clean energy appliances and productive use: strengthening the nexus
Subtrack: biofuels
  • SDEWES2020-0114 But Is It Toxic? Laypeople’s Risk Perception and Evaluation of the Toxicity of CO2-based Fuels
Subtrack: NIMBY
  • SDEWES2020-0118 Hydrogen in Future Energy Systems: Social Acceptance of Technology and Large-Scale Infrastructure
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0113 CO2-Storage or Oil Savings? A Trade-Off-Analysis of Drivers of Carbon Capture and Utilization Technology Acceptance
  • SDEWES2020-0130 Risky, Harmless, or In-Between? Comparing CCU Risk Perception to the Benchmark of Eight Energy Technologies
  • SDEWES2020-0192 Energy Transformation Acceptance Indicator (ETrAIn)
Track: Agricultural policy
Subtrack: energy and water use in agriculture and food processing
  • SDEWES2020-0367 Optimization of Constrained Energy, Water and Food Nexus Systems for Sustainable and Improved Food Security.
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0172 Are current projections of irrigated areas to 2050 robust against uncertainty?
Track: Environmental policy and management
Subtrack: integrated management systems
  • SDEWES2020-0153 Integrated management of risks associated to production waste: the case of a small Italian company
Subtrack: strategic environmental impact assessment, environment and corporate social responsibility, quality management systems
Subtrack: biomass management
  • SDEWES2020-0102 Ecological impact assessment of promoting forest practices and installing renewable energy to revitalize rural areas in Japan
Subtrack: climate change adaptation
  • SDEWES2020-0065 A Study of Pavement-Watering Applied to Different Existing and Innovative Paving Materials
Subtrack: climate change mitigation
  • SDEWES2020-0123 The intricate multi-level landscape of climate change planning: a review of the Italian case
  • SDEWES2020-0125 Climate change mitigation in European Mediterranean cities
  • SDEWES2020-0186 Global determinants in carbon dioxide emissions: are all countries equal?
  • SDEWES2020-0308 Uncovering the effects of various micro socioeconomic factors to global carbon emissions using Rough Sets modeling
Subtrack: wastewater management
Subtrack: waste management
  • SDEWES2020-0016 Estimation of Mercury Emissions and Releases in Air, Water, Soil and Waste Using UNEP Toolkit in Albania
  • SDEWES2020-0093 Emplacement of solid waste management infrastructures for Reunion Island, using GIS tools and multi-criteria analysis
Track: Water-energy nexus
Subtrack: water-renewables integration, water resources
  • SDEWES2020-0141 Integrated Analysis of the Water-Energy-Emission Nexus and Mitigation of Externalities (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0236 Water use of a biomass direct-combustion power generation system in China: A combination of life cycle assessment and water footprint analysis
  • SDEWES2020-0378 Computational Model-based Multi-Objective Optimisation of Food-Energy-Water- Nexus Systems (poster)
Subtrack: hydro energy
  • SDEWES2020-0188 Optimization Based Methodology for Selection of a PAT to Replace a PRV in Water Distribution Networks: Theoretical Upper Bound of Energy Recovery & Comparison of Three Different Objective Functions.
Subtrack: water system analysis
  • SDEWES2020-0014 Optimal Design of Industrial Cooling Power Infrastructure: a Screening Curve Adaptation
  • SDEWES2020-0307 Assessing Water-Energy Nexus in a Wastewater Treatment Plant of Mumbai Metropolitan Region, India
Subtrack: water management
  • SDEWES2020-0092 Water security: supporting urban resilience through the analysis of heat transitions
  • SDEWES2020-0099 Water Use Efficiency in a Pig Industry - Case Study from Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • SDEWES2020-0202 Spatial Characterization of the Occurrence of Fraud on the Public Water Supply System in Southern Brazil
  • SDEWES2020-0286 Linear modeling of water potential and supply for decentralized Energy-Water-Food systems
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0154 An integrated modelling framework for the evaluation of policies in the agri-food system
Track: Smart transport systems and policy
Subtrack: transport electrification
  • SDEWES2020-0210 Challenges for Achieving Low Emission Regional Bus Transport: Insights from a Location Optimization Study
  • SDEWES2020-0321 Projection and impact analysis of electric vehicle deployment in the Philippines using agent-based and life cycle modeling techniques
Subtrack: fuel/carbon economy
  • SDEWES2020-0089 Energy economic and environmental challenges for urban mobility: Case study for Vienna
Track: Political aspects of sustainable development
Subtrack: long term planning
  • SDEWES2020-0062 Policies for a „Just Transition“ governance – Case study in the Rhenish lignite mining area
Track: Energy markets
Subtrack: modelling
  • SDEWES2020-0107 Opportunities and Challenges of the Transition to Carbon-Neutral Electricity Systems in the Baltic Sea Region
Track: Buildings
Subtrack: sustainable architecture
  • SDEWES2020-0377 Is there a relationship between the random urban sprawl and the social life?
Subtrack: heat pumps
  • SDEWES2020-0088 Calibration and Validation Applied to a Building Thermal Facility
Subtrack: HVAC
  • SDEWES2020-0164 Barriers to the diffusion of Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MVHR) in the residential sector – Insights offered by Diffusion Theory
Subtrack: building codes and standards
  • SDEWES2020-0071 Implications of the new Swedish building code for low-energy buildings totally supplied with renewable energy
Subtrack: smart buildings
  • SDEWES2020-0203 Socio-Technical Analysis of Energy Demand Behavior and Building Consumption in Households Equipped with Smart Home-Systems
Subtrack: passive buildings
  • SDEWES2020-0006 Thermal performance of UK school buildings and the potential of the dynamic wall system
  • SDEWES2020-0072 Analysis of a Passive Downdraught Evaporative Cooling Wind catcher for Greenhouses in Hot Climates: Parametric Study and Influence of Neighbouring Structures
  • SDEWES2020-0073 Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Heat and Mass Transfer in an Indirect Evaporative cooler for Hot and Dry Climate (poster)
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0274 Energy Performance Of Buildings In The Historic District Of Alfama (Lisbon) Under The Context Of Positive Energy Districts
  • SDEWES2020-0284 Evaluation of indoor thermal comfort in healthcare buildings with solar radiation. (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0296 Evaluation of thermal comfort in French healthcare buildings.
Track: Energy efficient appliances
Subtrack: smart appliances
  • SDEWES2020-0165 Energy efficiency analysis and benchmark in grocery stores: Results of a short-term sub-metering measurement campaign
Track: Energy and water efficiency in industry and mining
Subtrack: exergy and exergoeconomic analysis
  • SDEWES2020-0331 Exergy and Environmental Assessments of Paradigm Changes in Offshore Gas Processing: Deep Seawater Intake for Primary Cooling
Subtrack: process optimisation
  • SDEWES2020-0017 A Simulation-based Optimization Model towards Optimal Operating Conditions for the Aromatics Recovery Unit
  • SDEWES2020-0047 A simulation-optimization method for the optimal design of heat pump assisted distillation with side reboiler/condenser
Subtrack: chemical industry
  • SDEWES2020-0211 Just Suspended Speed Simulation in Torus Reactor Using Multiple Linear Regression Model
  • SDEWES2020-0350 Graphical Design of Heat Exchanger Networks: An Energy-Area Design Parameter
Track: Electricity transmission and distribution
Subtrack: long distance transmission
  • SDEWES2020-0085 Concept of a Superconducting High-Voltage DC Connection for Long-Distance Energy Transmission (poster)
Subtrack: grid extension and robustness
  • SDEWES2020-0080 Conceptual Design of a Resistive Superconducting Fault Current Limiter for the 380 kV Transmission Grid
  • SDEWES2020-0087 Compact Superconducting Cable Assembly with Direct Liquid Nitrogen Insulation for Urban Use
Track: Energy policy
Subtrack: carbon pricing
Subtrack: energy efficiency policy
  • SDEWES2020-0311 Assessing Energy Efficiency Measures in the Residential Sector (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0336 A methodological framework to support energy decision-makers in investment planning for energy efficiency programs in the residential sector (poster)
Subtrack: renewable energy support schemes
  • SDEWES2020-0259 Enabling Energy Transition in Africa from a Policy Perspective: What are the Determining Socio-Economic Drivers?
  • SDEWES2020-0290 Influence of Corporates’ Preferences on the Low-carbon Transition of Chinese Power Sector: a Multi-agent-based Model
Subtrack: energy transition
  • SDEWES2020-0055 Brazilian Electricity Sector Evolution: Energy Transition, Regulatory Revision, Challenges and Future Perspectives
  • SDEWES2020-0064 LNG Trade and the Energy Transition
  • SDEWES2020-0069 Solar Prosumers for the German Energy Transition: A Multi-Level Perspective Analysis of the German ‘Mieterstrom’ Model
  • SDEWES2020-0134 Evaluation of the Energy Transition in the Process of Renewable Sources Expansion using the LEAP – A Case Study
  • SDEWES2020-0136 Representing energy policy analysis research: A Morphological Analysis framework
  • SDEWES2020-0139 Optimal Generation Mix After Nuclear Phase-out: The Belgian Case
  • SDEWES2020-0150 The optimal timing to switch from gas to wind power production
Subtrack: security of supply
  • SDEWES2020-0078 Exploring Determinants of EU’s Energy Security: a Dynamic Panel Data Approach
  • SDEWES2020-0197 Modelling fiscal changes for the electricity sector using a disaggregated computable general equilibrium model for Spain
  • SDEWES2020-0316 An Analysis on Reliability Assessment Incorporating Renewable Energy with On-Peak Contribution Approach: A Korean Case Study (poster)
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0046 Decomposing the Inequality of Household Electricity Consumption
  • SDEWES2020-0117 Combining global megatrends and the energy transition on the local level - insights from the region North-Rhine Westfalia (Germany)
Track: Storage
Subtrack: batteries
  • SDEWES2020-0027 Electrochemical growth of lead ( IV) oxide (PbO2); Application conversion and energy storage
  • SDEWES2020-0220 Multi-scale modelling of Li-ion batteries: from crystallographic structure to safety analyses
Subtrack: heat/cold storage
  • SDEWES2020-0045 Modelling of a Latent Heat Storage System Consisting of Encapsulated PCM-Elements
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0217 Assessment of the potential of energy storage system application using supercritical carbon dioxide
Track: Cogeneration, trigeneration, polygeneration
Subtrack: heat/cold and power
  • SDEWES2020-0067 Solar Assisted Heat Pump Systems based on PVT collectors for the provision of Domestic Hot Water, Heating, Cooling and Electricity in Buildings
  • SDEWES2020-0342 A Novel Simple Tool for Polygeneration Synthesis Based on an Objective Function Optimization for Residential Application
  • SDEWES2020-0347 A Novel Polygeneration System Based on a Solar-Assisted Desiccant Wheel for Residential Building: Dynamic Simulation (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0375 Robust Optimization of Decentralized Polygneration Energy Systems under Uncertainty
Track: Modelling for pollution avoidance and energy efficiency
Subtrack: combustion modelling
  • SDEWES2020-0344 Model of Pyrolysis of Large Biomass Particle of Given Shape
Subtrack: heat and mass transfer modelling
  • SDEWES2020-0004 A grey wolf optimizer-based fractional calculus in studies on drying
  • SDEWES2020-0005 Modelling of the critical micelle concentration of different surfactants using artificial intelligence approach (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0035 Development and Adaptation of the Technology of Air Biotreatment in Trickle-bed Bioreactor to Automotive Painting Industry
  • SDEWES2020-0061 Air Forced Convection over a Two-Sided Sinusoidal Wavy Plate Inserted in a Narrow Tube
  • SDEWES2020-0304 Modeling of energy efficiency and rotation effects in the continuous process of ceramic frit melting with microwave heating
Subtrack: CFD models
  • SDEWES2020-0043 Computational Fluid Dynamics Model of Hydrogen Production from Water Reforming of Glycerol
  • SDEWES2020-0169 Pre-designed Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier Analysis Using CFD Modelling
  • SDEWES2020-0173 Pre-designed Bubbling Fluidized Bed Gasifier Analysis Using CFD Model (poster)
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0346 Semi-Automated Dynamic Process Modeling Using Evolution and Modelica
Track: Waste and wastewater treatment and reuse
Subtrack: plasma arc waste disposal
  • SDEWES2020-0133 Decomposition of decontamination agent waste spent in nuclear power plant using active radicals
Subtrack: mechanical biological treatment
  • SDEWES2020-0339 Characterization and Physico-Chemical Process Treatment of an Agroalimentary Effluent
Subtrack: waste to energy
  • SDEWES2020-0011 A multi-objective optimization model for solid waste management systems integrating waste-to-energy decisions in the Philippines
Subtrack: recycling
  • SDEWES2020-0143 Integrating externalities into landfill mining assessment
  • SDEWES2020-0178 Integrated Treatment Chains to Purify and Recycle Brine Effluents Produced by the Textile Industry
  • SDEWES2020-0273 The Iimpact of Environmental Attitudes and Group-Level Selection on Individual Recycling Behaviour in a Public Good Framework
Subtrack: avoiding waste
  • SDEWES2020-0140 Red Mud as Coagulant to Recover Phosphorous from Wastewater
  • SDEWES2020-0144 Effect of Secondary Raw Material from Red Mud and Other Waste on Test Plants (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0205 Investigation the reaction of immobilization mercury and its compounds in reactions with sulphur in solid waste.
  • SDEWES2020-0208 The intensification of microbiological processes of removal of a industrial effluents pollution with using wetlands. (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0212 Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) approach coupled with deep neural network using for energy consumption optimization of wastewater treatment plants. (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0228 Nickel and Chromium Removal from Aqueous Solution by Non-Living Pleurotus Mutilus Biomass: Kinetic, Equilibrium, and Thermodynamic Studies (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0323 Removal of Cobalt (Co+2 ) from aqueous solution using a low cost biosorbent Streptomyces rimosus (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0354 Optimization of New Efficient Configurations for Sour Wastewater Treatment
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0213 Recovery of Precious Earths Elements from Red Mud (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0264 Public Acceptability of Greywater Reuse: a Comparison of Stated Choice Behaviour in Santiago de Chile and Cape Town
Track: Water treatment for drinking water
  • SDEWES2020-0170 Application of Data Mining Tools for characterization of Surface Water Quality
Track: Hybrid and electric vehicles
Subtrack: batteries
  • SDEWES2020-0075 Early prediction of state of health for a lithium ion battery with mechanical and impedance evolution fusion
  • SDEWES2020-0104 Prediction of force evolution over cycle for a lithium-ion battery with phenomenological modeling and multivariate Gaussian process regression fusion (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0105 Prediction of force evolution over cycle for a lithium-ion battery with phenomenological modeling and multivariate Gaussian process regression fusion
Subtrack: plug in hybrid
  • SDEWES2020-0306 Analysis on the evolution of mainstream PHEV technology route of Chinese automotive enterprises
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0018 Experimental study on heating performance of a vapor injection heat pump with waste heat utilization for the electric bus
  • SDEWES2020-0019 Experimental investigation on heating performance of a vapor injection heat pump with waste heat utilization for the electric bus (poster)
Track: Alternative fuels
Subtrack: resources
  • SDEWES2020-0121 Production of renewable chemical Energy Carriers in the MENA Region – A Methodology for Technology Assessment
Subtrack: synthetic fuels
  • SDEWES2020-0160 Optimization of the kerosene yield for dezentraliced PtL synthetic fuel production via Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
  • SDEWES2020-0222 Using Artificial Neural Networks for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis to lower-olefins production optimization.
  • SDEWES2020-0225 Using Artificial Neural Networks for Fischer-Tropsch Synthesis to lower-olefins production optimization. (poster)
Subtrack: hydrogen
  • SDEWES2020-0127 Sustainability of Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cell based on Net Energy Analysis and LCA Evaluations
  • SDEWES2020-0145 Nanostructured Ni-Based Alloys Electrodes Fabrication and Characterization for Alkaline Electrolyzer
  • SDEWES2020-0199 A comprehensive review of hydrogen use as a primary and supplementary fuel in spark ignition engines
Track: Smart energy systems
Subtrack: dynamic electricity pricing, microgrids
  • SDEWES2020-0195 Towards a Regulation of Burden and Benefit Sharing between the Main Grid and a PV-powered Microgrid in an Urban Residential Network
Subtrack: smart grids
  • SDEWES2020-0041 Open Source Tools for Integrated Operation and Planning of Flexible Buildings and Distribution Network
  • SDEWES2020-0218 Distributed Renewable Energy Micro-Power Plants: a Solution for New and Existing Power Grids over Africa
  • SDEWES2020-0310 On the integration of buildings’ resources in the smart grid
  • SDEWES2020-0320 Classification of dwelling characteristics using machine learning algorithms based on smart meter and weather data
Subtrack: integration of power, heating/cooling, transport, water and waste sectors
  • SDEWES2020-0161 Role of district cooling system towards low-carbon energy systems in India
Subtrack: demand response
  • SDEWES2020-0108 Improving Affordability of Rural Microgrid using Demand Response Programs
  • SDEWES2020-0318 Study of Thermal Comfort through a Crowd-sensing App
Track: Biofuels and biorefineries
Subtrack: torrefaction
  • SDEWES2020-0077 Effects of Biomass Type and Torrefaction Temperature on the Solid Fuel Properties of Non - oil Jatropha curcas L. (Jatropha) Biomass
Subtrack: pyrolysis
  • SDEWES2020-0379 Continuous Pyrolysis of Lignin using New Developed Rotary Kiln Reactor
Subtrack: biorefineries
  • SDEWES2020-0074 Exergy-based performance assessment of marine biofuel production in Brazil using residual lignocellulosic biomass and thermochemical conversion technologies
  • SDEWES2020-0135 Optimal timing of multiple investment decisions in a wood value chain: a real options approach
  • SDEWES2020-0158 Conceptual design of microbiorefineries integrated to renewable energy sources: Colombian Caribbean region scenario
  • SDEWES2020-0159 A review of opportunities for the development of small-scale biorefineries and its integration to renewable energy sources (poster)
Subtrack: algae
  • SDEWES2020-0374 Prediction of Drying Kinetics of Microalgae (Chlorococcum infusionum) for Biofuel production using Artificial Intelligence
Subtrack: waste to biofuels
  • SDEWES2020-0179 Effect of the Use of WCO-gasoil Blends on a Small Three Cylinder Diesel Engine
  • SDEWES2020-0223 Pyrolysis of Biomass from Plant Assisted Bio-Remediation for Bio-oil Production
Subtrack: second and third generation biofuels
  • SDEWES2020-0122 The transformation of oils/fats to other products, especially fuels: A review
  • SDEWES2020-0157 Evaluation of lignocellulosic biomass pretreatment by catalyzed ethanol using magnetic nanoparticles of Fe3O4-TiO2 and H2SO4 (poster)
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0124 Biodiesel: Modified Mixed Oxides as Catalyst for Transesterification of Rapeseed Oil
Track: Renewable heat systems
Subtrack: solar
  • SDEWES2020-0021 Numerical and experimental study of thermal losses from absorber tubes of parabolic trough collector
  • SDEWES2020-0185 Simulation and Validation of Results obtained during the Annual Operation of a Forced Circulation Solar Water Heating System equipped with a Heat Pipe Evacuated Solar Tube Collector under the Mediterranean Climate Conditions
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0257 Experimental investigation on the heating performance of a novel CO2 heat pump system with intermediate cooling for electric vehicles
Track: Advanced sustainable energy conversion systems
Subtrack: waste heat recycling
  • SDEWES2020-0048 Modeling and Investigation of Cyclic Heat Transfer in Novel Type Heat Engines
  • SDEWES2020-0058 Estimation of Waste Heat in High-temperature Granules from Chinese Industry and the advanced heat recovery methods
Subtrack: ORC
  • SDEWES2020-0167 Dynamic Model of Micro-Scale Organic Rankine Cycle using Simscape Physical Library
Subtrack: thermoelectric
  • SDEWES2020-0327 System level techno-economic analysis and sizing of thermoelectric generator with respect to waste heat recovery application
Subtrack: fuel cells
  • SDEWES2020-0059 Estimation of fuel cell health based on UKF
  • SDEWES2020-0060 Power distribution strategy of dual-stack fuel cell systems for heavy duty truck (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0142 Influence of operating conditions on the effectiveness of microbial fuel cell as a tool for bioremediation and energy harvesting.
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0076 CFD simulation of an alkaline water electrolysis unit cell: Assessing the operating and physical parameters
Track: Nano and micro technologies and science for sustainable development of energy, water, and environment systems
  • SDEWES2020-0010 A Novel Eco-friendly and Cost-effective Top-down Synthesis of Zerovalent Iron Nanoparticles for Water Purification
  • SDEWES2020-0034 CFD-DEM Simulations of Nanoparticles Synthesis in Wet-operating Stirred Media (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0095 Fabrication and Analytical Modeling of a Sliding Triboelectric Nanogenerator with Spiral Electrodes
  • SDEWES2020-0112 Fabrication and Numerical study of a Reverse Electrowetting Nanogenerator
  • SDEWES2020-0187 Magnetic and Nonmagnetic Nanoparticles with Amino Carboxyl groups: synthesis, characterization and uptake of Scandium (III) ions from aqueous media
Track: District heating and/or cooling in smart energy systems
Subtrack: industrial waste heat
  • SDEWES2020-0070 External Use of Industrial Waste Heat - an Analysis of Existing Implementations in Austria
  • SDEWES2020-0086 Data center waste heat enabling abandoning coal in Espoo District Heat system
  • SDEWES2020-0219 District Heating and Energy Efficiency Building Refurbishment: Friends or Foes? A Water-Energy Nexus Perspective on Industrial Symbiosis Concepts. (poster)
Track: Thermal power plants
Subtrack: carbon capture and storage/sequestration/reuse
  • SDEWES2020-0029 Introduction of CLC in CHP power plants fed with natural gas: potential impact on the Italian Power sector
  • SDEWES2020-0129 Modelling of a CSP-PV Hybrid Plant for CO2 Capture and Utilization via Calcium Looping and Sabatier Reaction
  • SDEWES2020-0303 Low-carbon emissions from a power plant firing CO2-rich natural gas: Technical, environmental and economic assessment
  • SDEWES2020-0329 Gas-to-Wire via Dry-Reforming Pre-Combustion Using Ionic Liquid Absorption with High-Pressure Stripping: CO2-Rich Natural Gas
  • SDEWES2020-0366 Carbon Capture and Utilization Integrated to Chemical Storage of Renewable Energy: CO2 Absorption by Phase-Changing Solvent and Reaction with Hydrogen from Seawater Electrolysis using Wind-Energy (poster)
Subtrack: clean coal
  • SDEWES2020-0079 Ignition and Burnout Characteristics of Coal Blends under Oxy-Fuel Conditions
Track: Renewable electricity generation systems
Subtrack: concentrated solar thermal power
  • SDEWES2020-0357 Parameters Governing the Modeling of Nanofluid-Based Solar Flow Receivers in the Concentrated Solar Power Trough Plants (poster)
Subtrack: photovoltaic
  • SDEWES2020-0068 Performance Estimation of Bifacial PV Systems using the View Factor Matrix
  • SDEWES2020-0182 Analysis of a Novel Improved PV/T Solar Roof Tile Design
Subtrack: biomass
  • SDEWES2020-0084 Optimal technology for biomass and solar power plants for electricity production and desalination in Brazil
  • SDEWES2020-0106 Life Cycle Assessment of Waste Biomass Gasification (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0216 Evaluation of Theoretical and Technical Energy Potential from Agricultural Residues and Dedicated Bioenergy Crops for Electricity Generation in Brazil in 2050
Track: Renewable energy resources
Subtrack: integration
  • SDEWES2020-0037 Combined hourly solar radiation and wind speed prediction model using an artificial neural network technique
Subtrack: technical and economic potentials
  • SDEWES2020-0056 Case Study of the Distributed Generation Photovoltaic System Installation connected to Electrical Grid in a Rest Home: Technical Economic Analysis of Coast and Benefit (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0090 Can a combination of efficiency initiatives give us “good” rebound effects?
  • SDEWES2020-0103 New process development for the production of 1,3-propanediol from crude glycerin
Subtrack: solar
  • SDEWES2020-0168 Limitations of PV in Ghana
  • SDEWES2020-0214 A system analysis of hybrid solar PTC-CPV absorber operation
  • SDEWES2020-0289 Analytical Relationship Between the Electrical Parameters of the PV Array and External Factors Based on the W - Lambert Function
Subtrack: hydro
  • SDEWES2020-0132 Numerical and Experimental Investigation on Optimization of Gravitational Water Vortex Turbine Runner
  • SDEWES2020-0147 Experimental Examination of Shrouded Horizontal Axis Hydrokinetic Turbine for Marine Current Application
Subtrack: biogas
  • SDEWES2020-0097 Energy Transition in Pig Farming – The Biogas Production as a Pathway Toward Energy Transformation in the Sector
Subtrack: biofuels
  • SDEWES2020-0191 Feasibility of Producing Biodiesel and Bio-Glycerol from Sagai Date Seeds (poster)
Subtrack: biomass
  • SDEWES2020-0115 Optimization of vibrational transport of biomass pellets
  • SDEWES2020-0190 Impact of Extracting Oil from Sagai Date Seeds on the Biogas Production process
  • SDEWES2020-0343 Dynamic simulation of a biomass gasification CHCP plant for different users
  • SDEWES2020-0356 Process Synthesis and Simulation of Furfural Production from Rice Straw Bio-waste
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0042 SRU and AG2STM Technology reduced kinetic scheme: parameter estimation and data validation.
  • SDEWES2020-0200 Network analysis supported mapping of the environmental impacts of renewable energy sources: a review-based approach (poster)
Track: Energy system analysis
Subtrack: power to gas
  • SDEWES2020-0138 Assessment of the Impact of Selected Parameters and Optimisation of the Methanation System Operation in a Hybrid Power-to-Gas Installation
  • SDEWES2020-0149 Feasibility Evaluation of a Power-to-Gas Storage System based on High Temperature Co-electrolysis and Methanation
Subtrack: integration of power and water systems
  • SDEWES2020-0119 Investigation of Synergies Between Water and Energy Sectors in North, East and Central African Power Pools – Soft Linking Between the Dispa-SET Model and LISFLOOD and TEMBA Models
  • SDEWES2020-0301 Cost-benefit calculation of small-scale farming business in decentralized Energy-Water-Food systems
  • SDEWES2020-0364 Water-Energy-Food Nexus: An evaluation of the interrelationships in disenfranchised communities (poster)
Subtrack: integration of power and district heating systems
  • SDEWES2020-0040 Energy Efficiency Analysis of a High Consistency Refiner in Thermo-Mechanical Pulping Process
  • SDEWES2020-0091 Annual heat demand curve and extension analysis of district heating system (poster)
Subtrack: long term demand planning
  • SDEWES2020-0271 Energy Poverty Scenarios in Portugal: Assessing Climate and Socioeconomic Pathways for 2050
  • SDEWES2020-0283 Institutional Energy Model Climate Analysis with Peak Load Assessment
Subtrack: storage vs. grids vs. demand management
  • SDEWES2020-0194 Flexibility options for enhanced use of electricity from renewable energy sources – A qualitative study on two regions in Germany
  • SDEWES2020-0231 Integration of Energy Storage Systems based on transcritical CO2
Subtrack: development of energy planning tools
  • SDEWES2020-0116 VPPlib - A tool for analyzing virtual power plants in distribution grids
  • SDEWES2020-0204 Accurate Modeling of Energy Supply Unit Characteristics for Mixed-Integer Linear Programming
  • SDEWES2020-0281 The Trade-offs between maximizing operating revenue of crude blends and approximation of environmental gains
  • SDEWES2020-0337 Performance of oil production systems: implications for the decarbonization of the global economy
  • SDEWES2020-0338 Integration of geospatial analysis in least-cost design of Energy- Water-Food systems: Case study of rural Ghana
  • SDEWES2020-0362 Power Grid Optimization at Macroscopic Level: A WEF Nexus Perspective for Monterrey Metropolitan Area (poster)
Subtrack: island energy systems
  • SDEWES2020-0063 The optimal working medium and model selection of the Brayton cycle and its response to the unstable heat source and the stability method
Subtrack: high penetration of renewables
  • SDEWES2020-0171 Increasing Renewable Energy Integration and Electricity Trade for Turkish Power Pool
  • SDEWES2020-0322 Economic Analysis of Renewable Energy Deployment in the Peruvian Power Supply
Subtrack: 100% renewable energy systems
  • SDEWES2020-0111 Design and analysis of 100% renewable energy system for Akita prefecture, Japan
  • SDEWES2020-0352 Renewable energy superpower – opportunities of energy sector integration and energy exports for Australia
Subtrack: natural gas system planning
  • SDEWES2020-0146 Estimation of multi-cylinder engine process variabilities
Subtrack: power system planning
  • SDEWES2020-0039 Opportunities and obstacles to the flexibilisation of the primary industry
Subtrack: energy planning
  • SDEWES2020-0013 Energy Transition in highly rich Coal-based Energy System
  • SDEWES2020-0096 Supply Side Management of Wind and Solar PV
  • SDEWES2020-0110 Flexibility Options to Tackle Intermittency in the Energy Systems with High Share of Renewable Energy
  • SDEWES2020-0137 Exergy Analysis of Different Alternatives for Waste Heat Recovery in a Solar Driven Closed Brayton Cycle
  • SDEWES2020-0148 The Role of Demand Response in the Future Renewable Northern European Energy System
  • SDEWES2020-0156 Capacity Optimization of an Industrial Energy Supply System
  • SDEWES2020-0174 Integrated Analysis of the Brazilian Nuclear Energy System (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0176 From fossil fuels to renewable: Assessment of optimal energy transition pathways for Madagascar until 2050
  • SDEWES2020-0189 Detailed regional analysis with a national integrated energy system model: The case of the north of the Netherlands
  • SDEWES2020-0330 Planning of Sustainable and Stable Micro Grids for Ghanaian Hospitals with Photovoltaics
  • SDEWES2020-0349 Analysis of the possibilities of operating a virtual energy cluster in a rural commune on the example of prosumers and municipal buildings (poster)
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0340 Data-Driven energy management: a case study from the agro-food industry
  • SDEWES2020-0372 Investigation on the cooling system of mobile cabins in a desert climate
Track: Education in sustainable development
Subtrack: environmental awareness
Track: Research, innovation and development
Subtrack: No subtrack
  • SDEWES2020-0206 Gamma irradiation effects on chemical composition ,microbial and structural properties of red pepper
  • SDEWES2020-0207 Detection of irradiated red pepper with thermoluminescence method (poster)
Track: Regional planning and cooperation
Subtrack: regions and cities
  • SDEWES2020-0030 Ennshafen Case Study – Insights into Real-life Industrial Energy Cooperation Development
  • SDEWES2020-0053 Trends and dynamics of Circular Economy in emerging economies. Bogotá as a case study (poster)
Track: Urbanism
Subtrack: transport
Subtrack: urban planning
  • SDEWES2020-0351 Ecological services of the National Park "Elk island" as a driver of the Moscow urban area’s sustainable development
Track: Sustainability comparisons and measurements
Subtrack: life cycle analysis
  • SDEWES2020-0026 Life cycle assessment of prospective sewage sludge treatment paths
  • SDEWES2020-0044 Implications of different modelling choices in primary energy and carbon emission analysis of wooden buildings
  • SDEWES2020-0051 Social Life Cycle Assessment of Biodiesel Produced Using Different Raw Materials in Brazil
  • SDEWES2020-0184 Evaluating Socioeconomic Impacts of Cleaner Production: The Case of Biochemical Industry
  • SDEWES2020-0196 Ex-ante LCA on electro-mass separation of fly ash
  • SDEWES2020-0198 Sustainability Assessment of Thermochemical Recovery of Plastic Waste – LCA and CED Approach
  • SDEWES2020-0227 Environmental Performance Analysis for an Alternative Route for the Synthesis of Acetic Acid
  • SDEWES2020-0260 Multi-level Analysis of Building Materials and Technologies’ Carbon Content Towards a Circular Economy
  • SDEWES2020-0278 Environmental assessment of two hot-dip galvanising plants in Spain
  • SDEWES2020-0300 Environmental Sustainability of Tissue Products Integrating Material-Energy Systems in Pulp & Paper Mills
  • SDEWES2020-0341 Life Cycle Assessment of Peanut Butter Production within Decentralized Energy-Water-Food Systems in Rural Communities in sub-Saharan Africa
Subtrack: emergy
  • SDEWES2020-0025 Emergy evaluation of ladder hydropower stations in the middle and lower reaches of the Lancang River
Subtrack: exergy analysis
  • SDEWES2020-0002 Exergy analysis of heating systems in the context of the energy transition towards decarbonization
Subtrack: multi-criteria analysis
  • SDEWES2020-0049 A Novel Multicriteria Index for the Development of Decentralised Food Production and Food Loss and Waste Management Policies: a Nexus Approach
  • SDEWES2020-0181 Design Space development for automated Integrated Design and Optimization of Industrial Buildings for Industry 4.0
  • SDEWES2020-0209 Thermoeconomic analysis of gasification technologies (poster)
  • SDEWES2020-0263 Multi Criteria Decision Analysis as a Tool for Sustainability Assessment of Integrated Sanitation Systems for Uganda.
  • SDEWES2020-0302 Energy and Sustainability Analyses of Natural Gas Liquefaction via Conventional and Supersonic Separator Routes
  • SDEWES2020-0319 Low-emission Gas-To-Wire from Natural Gas with Carbon Dioxide: Investment and Sustainability Analyses of Onshore and Offshore Configurations
Subtrack: metrics and indices
  • SDEWES2020-0024 Socio-economic assessment of hydrogen for mobility applications
  • SDEWES2020-0052 The effects of environmental performance on competitiveness: A stochastic frontier approach
  • SDEWES2020-0081 Data-driven Comparative Analysis of National Adaptation Pathways for Sustainable Development Goals
  • SDEWES2020-0082 The Awareness of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on the Republic of North Macedonia
  • SDEWES2020-0120 An integrated techno-sustainability assessment for biobased chemicals – an algae case study
  • SDEWES2020-0256 Process safety assessment of large-scale production of chitosan from shrimp wastes using numerical descriptive inherent safety technique
  • SDEWES2020-0305 Sustainability assessment of a gas-to-wire systems with carbon capture and enhanced oil recovery


Benchmarking the performance of cities across energy, water and environment systems
related metrics presents an opportunity to trigger policy learning, action, and cooperation to bring cities closer to sustainable development.